Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We aim to constantly improve the quality and efficiency of our services in order to meet and exceed the requirements of our clients and other interested parties.   


By continually improving our quality management system and focusing on customer satisfaction we believe that this will enable us to become the preferred choice of provider for operational excellence and business improvement consulting services. 


We will achieve this through the expertise, creativity, integrity and commitment of our people and by adopting the quality principles below, which will also guide setting of company objectives:


  • Customer focus – fully understanding our client’s needs, to deliver great service

  • Leadership – providing vision, direction, planning and clarity of roles and responsibilities

  • Engagement of people - encouraging personal development and involvement of all staff

  • Process approach – applying system thinking to the way we operate

  • Improvement – testing and identifying opportunities to better our processes and systems

  • Evidence-based decision making – using data and scientific thinking to inform actions

  • Relationship management – building long-term sustainable partnerships


It is the responsibility of management at all levels to involve employees and contributors in the achievement of our aims, and the responsibility of every employee to adhere to the quality management system and actively contribute to improvements.

Michael Bladon

Director, INCIGHT ltd