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Operational Excellence



Execution of your business strategy in the best possible way - more consistently and better than your competition

Operational Excellence involves strengthening and aligning management systems and processes, engaging people and changing ways of thinking to improve performance and create greater value for all stakeholders.  



At its heart, it is the result of ideal behaviors based on correct principles, practiced across the whole organisation to develop the mindset and culture that everyone should embrace.



The principles are defined in the SHINGO model of excellence, which we use as a basis for our approach to OpEx. ​ For organisations to be successful over the long term, leaders must ensure that the behaviors of every person are in harmony with these principles. 



Find out more about how we interpret the SHINGO model into our Operational Excellence approach in our blog.


Practicing Operational Excellence

Every organisation is at its own level of maturity, is unique and can benefit from expertise advice to accelerate their progress towards their own Operational Excellence.  At INCIGHT ltd we can help you to better see how to improve  and support implementation of effective systems to drive that transformation.

We offer the following services to start your journey;

  1. OpEx assessment and Roadmap

  2. Management system recommendations

  3. Project planning

  4. Lean Tools, templates and training

  5. Exec team support and coaching

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