OpEx Assessment & Roadmap

Operational Excellence requires any organisation to know its starting point 'as is', before it can plan the journey to 'to be'. 


At INCIGHT ltd, we can undertake an initial evaluation of your organisation using our OpEx Assessment to highlight areas of strength and areas for improvement. 

From this initial report and combined with your organisational knowledge, we work with you and your leadership team to develop an appropriate and effective OpEx Roadmap to progress your journey to Operational Excellence.


Example OpEx Assessment Questions


Cultural Enablers

  1. Does your organisation have clear roles and responsibilities at all levels?

  2. Is training given and is competency assessed and recorded?

  3. Are the company values well known and does behaviour match these?

  4. Do leaders demonstrate the values of the organisation when with employees?

  5. Is safety a concern?

  6. Is employee engagement measured, discussed and the results acted upon?

  7. Is employee turnover high?

  8. Do employees feel able to fairly express their views without fear of repercussions?

Key success factor is to create a Capability Building and Learning Organisation 

OpEx Roadmap


A key outcome of the roadmap is to help your organisation enable and develop a quality culture that embraces capability building and learning to drive sustainability and customer satisfaction.  


Our maturity model allows your business to identify its current state and set an appropriate improvement timeline to match strategic goals, stabilise and optimise your systems, improve your Quality, Cost of Quality and EBITDA.

We can help you whether you are underperforming at Level 1 or whether you are fully aligned and looking for that last step to operationally excellent.  Contact us to make the change.

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Cost of Quality