Modern Slavery Policy

Modern Slavery

INCIGHT Ltd is committed to the principles of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the abolition of modern slavery and human trafficking.  As a small business, INCIGHT ltd are not required to make any annual statements, however as both an ethical company and a supplier of services, we recognise our part in reducing risk and supporting our clients in meeting their commitments to the Act.

INCIGHT Ltd.’s supply chain is very limited, and we procure goods and services from a restricted range of suppliers. We believe that our supply chain involves a low risk of human trafficking or slavery.


Our mechanisms for guarding against modern slavery;

  • Supplier list maintained and assessed for awareness of modern slavery law, policies (if available) and risk of human trafficking or slavery based on our knowledge of those suppliers

  • Client List maintained and assessed for awareness of modern slavery law, policies. New clients assessed prior to agreeing provision of services as part of our bid and work winning process

  • Employee awareness and inclusion of modern slavery within our employee handbook

  • Internal employee whistleblowing process in place

  • Recruitment and people management processes designed to ensure that all prospective employees are legally entitled to work in the UK and to safeguard employees from any abuse or coercion once in our employment.

  • Reporting to the Director of any reports from employees, the public, or law enforcement agencies to indicate that modern slavery practices have been identified


To date we have received no reports  that indicate modern slavery practices have been identified. We will continue to maintain awareness of modern slavery within INCIGHT Ltd by reviewing and evaluating the measures and processes that we have implemented so far to ensure their effectiveness.


This statement has been approved by the Director of INCIGHT Ltd.


Michael Bladon (Director)