Project Management

Strategy is implemented through projects


For many businesses large change initiatives can easily become bogged down, left unfinished, or never started - leaving the company lagging behind the competition.

In our experience, this is often attributed to;

 lack of internal change expertise

 lack of leadership alignment or commitment

 'too many' projects -  not the 'vital few'

 selecting the 'wrong' projects


We have experience of planning, executing and delivering transformational projects - the 'big ticket' changes that significantly move your business forward and enable growth and sustainability.  ​We can also help select the 'right' projects, based on our OpEx and systems evaluation.  

In fact this is where we excel - we know that you are experts at your business, what we are experts at is managing the change necessary to take you to where you want to be!

doing work together

Our five keys to successful projects;

  1. Clarity of purpose

  2. 100% support from leadership

  3. The 'right' team

  4. Agile Resource management

  5. Great Communication

Projects our team have successfully delivered 

Quality Management System (QMS) implementation (ISO9001)

HR 'framework're-design

Business system evaluation & implementation

Process mapping and process re-engineering

Documentation re-design

Electronic Deviation / CAPA management system implementation

CRM system evaluation

Finance software

Electronic training record system implementation

Lean 5S & Kanban systems

GDPR complianceprogramme

​Facilities and Services outsourcing

What we offer

Project, Programme and Portfolio management

Project support