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What is a Management System?

A management system is the way an organisation manages and organises itself to achieve its objectives - essentially the structures, policies, processes and procedures used to run things. 


These objectives can relate to different topics such as product or service quality, operational efficiency, health and safety and environmental performance.   


All organisations have management systems. The suitability of these systems and the adherence to them has a direct impact on the success of the organisation.  

Why use ISO standards?

A standard is a pattern or model that is generally accepted as the way of working.  


Standardisation and the adoption of standards is therefore an important element of ensuring business processes and systems are repeatable, reproducible and delivering the required output. Standards also help set a common basis for improvement.  

ISO standards are developed by consensus among international experts and set out requirements or guidance to help organisations develop better management systems.  Using ISO standards can help organisations to:

  • Identify weakness in management systems

  • Better manage risks 

  • Operate in more effective & efficient ways

  • Demonstrate quality of services

  • Embed best practice

  • Promote a culture of continual improvement


"Without standards, there can be no improvement"

Taichi Ohno 

Why become certified to an ISO standard?

Anyone can say they have a good management system - but becoming certified by an external body demonstrates that your systems of working meet a required standard, as judged by an independent expert.   This builds customer and stakeholder confidence and trust in your brand. 


In addition,  government, national bodies, and other larger organisations increasingly view certain ISO certification as minimum requirements or highly desirable, e.g;

  • ISO 9001 -  Quality management

  • ISO 14001 - Environmental Management

  • ISO 45001 (formally OSHAS18001) - Health & Safety management


Becoming certified can help your organisation access new markets or opportunities

How do I become certified ?

The process to certification is outlined below;​

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