Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is geared to execution of your business strategy in the best possible way - more consistently and better than your competitors


It involves strengthening and aligning management systems and processes, engaging people and changing ways of thinking to improve performance and create greater value for all stakeholders. 

At its heart, Operational Excellence is the result of ideal behaviors based on correct principles, practiced across the whole organisation.  


These principles are defined in the SHINGO model of excellence, which we use as a basis for our approach to OpEx  

  1.  Respect Everyone

  2.  Lead with Humility​

  3.  Focus on Process

  4.  Embrace Scientific thinking

  5.  Flow and Pull Value

  6.  Assure Quality at the source

  7.  Seek Perfection

  8.  Create Constancy of Purpose

  9.  Think Systematically

  10.  Create Value for the customer

For organisations to be successful over the long term, leaders must ensure that the behaviors of every person are in harmony with these principles. 


The principle of 'creating value for the customer' also encompasses (and necessitates) the development of good strategy, innovation, adoption of new practices and exploring potential new products and services. 


Supporting Concepts

The principles are placed within the FOUR DIMENSIONs of the model; for which there are supporting concepts that help organisations develop their approach. 



  • Assure a safe environment

  • Develop people

  • Empower and involve everyone

Continuous Improvement

  • Stabilise & Standardise processes

  • Rely on data, facts & direct observation

  • Focus on value stream

  • Keep it simple and visual

  • Identify & eliminate waste

  • No defects passed forward



  • Focus on long term

  • Align strategy and systems

  • Standardise daily management


  • Measure what matters

  • Align behaviours with performance

  • Identify cause & effect relationships

Looks & Feels like..

Safe systems, low incidents

Clean, organised environment

Sufficient staffing and skills


Roles & Responsibilities clear

Career Opportunities explored


Personal goals are achieved

Performance standards clear


Reward & recognition aligned with ideal behaviours

Trust is high

Engagement is high 

Equality and Inclusion

Communication clear & timely

Ideas & Feedback acted upon


Leaders are role models

People want to work here

Looks & Feels like..

Quality systems in place

Value stream mapped

Key Processes are documented

Improved Flow is a goal


Resource planning is robust

Risks understood & managed

Process objectives clear

KPIs defined & monitored

Visual management in place

 Waste is not 'hidden'

Internal customer needs are understood and met

'No defects passed on' culture

Employees empowered to slow down or stop to resolve issues

Evidence of Process Improvement

LEAN thinking is evident

Quality tools actively used

Management team visible

Looks & Feels like..

Vision & mission have 'buy-in'

Top level 3+ yr strategy is clear 

Strategic objectives support mission and vision 

SMART Objectives and goals set at each level of the organisation

Individual objectives can be linked back to top level strategy

the 'why' is clear'

the WIIFM is clear

a common goal is established

Systems are integrated

'Silos' removed

Operating models support goals

Standard work created

Management expectations clear

Improvement is system wide


Values are evident in actions

Looks & Feels like..

Customer focus is evident

'Delighted' customers

Performance actively monitored

KPIs drive the correct behaviours

Correct behaviours are rewarded

Standards and Balanced scorecards used


Objectives are being met

Trends & forecasts drive decisions

Issues are opportunity to improve

Preventative actions > corrective

Active Benchmarking

Outperforming the competition

Continuous drive to innovate

Active learning organisation 

Positive feedback loops in place

Re-investment & growth

Results support sustainability

Practicing Operational Excellence

We believe that almost all organisations would strive to achieve this.  However each organisation is at its own level of maturity, is unique and may need help to progress towards their own Operational Excellence.  At INCIGHT ltd we are able to help you see where you can improve and to both advise and support implementation of effective systems to drive that transformation.

How can INCIGHT help ?

We offer the following services to start your journey;

  1. OpEx assessment and Roadmap

  2. Management system recommendations

  3. Project planning

  4. Lean Tools, templates and training

  5. Exec team support and coaching