ISO9001 certification

Shirley Parsons are a global Professional services company who asked us to help them achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification for Shirley Parsons Ltd, their UK based specialist HSEQ Recruitment Agency for temporary and permanent workers.


INCIGHT Ltd worked closely with the Sales, Operations and Leadership teams to plan, design and implement a new Quality Management System.  The project started in Feb 2019 with scoping and gap analysis to understand the current state and set up the team (involving internal personnel) and define overall project scope.  The project was completed in Oct 2019 with successful certification with no non-conformities. (project timeframes below)

SP ltd ISO9001 project plan.png

INCIGHT managed the engagement with the certification body (NQA), including submission of registration forms and were present at the stage 1 and 2 audits, so the client felt fully supported in answering the auditor questions.   This was initially a concern for the new quality manager and we spent time in developing knowledge and understanding through training and coaching so that they knew what to expect and how the ISO9001 standard translated to their activities.

Key findings:

  • As processes were mapped the sales teams and L&D manager identified several areas where sales teams operated differently.  This led to valuable open discussions and adoption of best practices, which were written into the new process documentation.

  • The L&D manager used the process documents to incorporate links to her training (e.g. negotiation skills) to improve understanding and for staff to know which training was most relevant for the process at that point.


  • Process documents are used as part of new employee training

  • The business had not been used to audits, so were initially a little nervous, however feedback was positive and most auditees found the process rewarding and helped improve understanding. 

  • The ISO 9001 standard is written in 'ISO speak' (as several people put it) - we were on hand to help 'translate' these requirements into practical outputs throughout the project


  • The project was successful and the client was very happy with the outcome

 "We've had ISO 9001 certification as a company goal for several years now, finally we have achieved it! - thank you"    

Head of Operations     


Our skill sets 

  •  Project Management

  •  Quality System Expertise / ISO 9001 system build

  •  Coaching & training

  •  Internal Auditing